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Life is for Sharing

DT’s Motto is also embedded in the spirit of cooperation that is hallmark of the Israeli Eco System.

Last week I was called to represent DT at an event organized by EIT Hub Israel and share some of our insights on how successfully engage here -

open innovation models, best practices, bridging the culture gap etc.

There are almost 400 Multi-National Companies now active in Israel (Scouting, corporate venture capital, innovation labs and R&D centers) – as a testament to the strength and breadth of the local eco-system. But just showing up is not enough – to make the investment in presence in Israel effective the role you choose to play and how to go about it make all the difference between “present” and success. If I’d have to focus on only piece of advice - I would say aligning expectations both at HQ and with any local partner and maintaining communications is key.

The venue was @Labs – on the 61st floor of Sharona Tower with a gorgeous view of Tel Aviv and the Med and held on the 2nd day of Hannukah – which is truly one of my favorite Jewish holidays. Hannukah holds many different meanings – freedom, independence but significantly for me it is associated with light. The Maccabees restored the light of the Menorah in the Temple – light has always been associated in Judaism with Creation – “let there be light” – "ויהי אור" also a little light can dispel a lot of darkness.

Innovation is all about the spirit of creation – and brining a little light into our sphere of influence – so from all of us here at DT Israel – wishing you a happy Hanukkah and a very merry holiday season

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