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Deutsche Telekom is a leading multinational telecommunications company with over 248.2 million mobile subscribers across 50 countries in many European countries (like Germany, Greece, Croatia, Austria, and more)  and T-Mobile at the USA.

The company provides pixed-network/broadband, mobile communications, Internet, IPTV and (ICT) solutions for business and corporate customers.

Deutsche Telekom is known for its innovative strategy, which has driven its growth and expansion in the industry. The company's focus on technological innovation, digital transformation, and sustainable business practices has helped it stay ahead of the curve and deliver value to its customers.

How We Drive the Future of Telecommunications-

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Group Partnering and Devices (GPD)

We serve as a key innovation arm and global touchpoint for the company. Leveraging our unique talent and international perspective, we strive to better understand global markets and their impact on our company's growth and development. By cultivating strategic relationships with vendors, partners, and startups, we deliver exceptional value to the entire organization. Collaborating with Deutsche Telekom's partners from around the world, we're actively shaping the future of telco innovation.

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hubraum is Deutsche Telekom’s tech incubator. By bringing together early-stage startups and the leading European telecommunications company, hub:raum fuels innovation transfer in 5G, AI & IOT technology to create new business opportunities for both sides. hubraum has connected startups and stakeholders via its digital ecosystem in Berlin, Krakow and Tel Aviv since 2012. hubraum offers mentorship, investment, unique access to Deutsche Telekom’s networks, clients and technology and free co-working space in our Berlin and Krakow locations.



T-Labs is the R&D department of Deutsche Telekom focusing on translating new technology trends and delivering tangible results into Deutsche Telekom’s innovation portfolio.
Our current research areas are: Future Networks & AI, Spatial Computing and Decentralized Systems. #Co-Research is the key mission for the team, with the vision of achieving a superior customer experience and exploring disruptive technologies for future telecommunications infrastructures. From our base in Berlin we are cooperating with multiple universities in Germany, Europe, Israel and globally.
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T-Capital is the investment arm of Deutsche Telekom, focused on supporting and scaling the next generation of digital businesses. With a mission to empower innovators, disruptors, and entrepreneurs, T-Capital provides strategic investments, industry expertise, and access to Deutsche Telekom's global network of customers, partners, and resources. As a strategic investor, T-Capital seeks to help shape the future of telecommunications, investing in technologies and business models that can drive growth and innovation for Deutsche Telekom and the wider industry.
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