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GPD IL at the Fintech Week Tel Aviv 2023.

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Last week we had the privilege and pleasure to lead two panel during the Fintech Week Tel Aviv 2023.

The Fintech Week is the annual gathering of the global fintech community, bringing together fintech industry leaders, C-suite execs, investors, thought leaders, start-up founders andentrepreneurs to deliberate, share ideas and look at the synergies, potential partnerships and ways to collaborate/dobusiness.

Alon Segal led the cyber panel, tackling why and how we need to work smarter, not harder to leverage scarce cyber resources to combat the threats we are facing when adopting the promise of frictionless payments, smart contracts, exchanges (cefi), decentralized financing (defi), Web3 and other fintech technologies at scale.

Miri Keren led the “Gaming as a gateway to NFT adoption”, the panel covered the challenges, solutions, startup’s role and advantage, regulation, and the future of Web3 gaming.

We’re always happy to share our insight and knowledge with the local and global community.

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