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European Parliament & European Internet Forum IL Visit

Updated: May 24, 2023

Alon Segal &Alon Shahak had the privilege to meet today with members of the European Parliament & the European Internet Forum, in order to present Deutsche Telekom's #CyberSecurity innovation activities in #Israel. We had the pleasure discussing the latest trends in #AISecurity, #MetaverseSecurity, & #5GSecurity. We are in an unprecedented era, in which #CyberRegulation can finally be written ahead of most threats, and we should use this opportunity wisely. Thank you Victor NEGRESCU, Beatrice Covassi, Josianne Cutajar, Ivan Stefanec, Róża Thun, Maria Rosa Gibellini, and Eusebiu Croitoru for the time and engaging discussion. Looking forward to collaborate! #DTIsrael #IamTCountOnMe #TelekomAmbassadors

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