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Alon Segal at the #MWC2023

So it’s been a while since #MWC 2023 and I had the chance to collect my thoughts - so what caught my notice this year?

  1. Space - “the final frontier” - lots of emphasis on non terrestrial coverage - satellite, drone - expanding the concept of ubiquitous coverage even further. Yes this is nascent but the strides from the chipmakers to the satellite companies mean the momentum is there

  2. Generative AI - while this was not a “topic” in and of itself at Barcelona - a surprising amount of demo and thought leadership enlisted the help of technology from OpenAI to demonstrate the power of AI in everyday interactions - customer support, CX etc. etc. - definitively see being mainstreamed soon as the advantages are huge - one just hopes that the rush to market doesn’t bring negative bias and premature technology as there are enough doomsday warnings of possible AI abuse

  3. Always inspiring to hear DT’s Tim Höttges remarks live - coming off from a tremendously successful year (Financially DT’s market cap now exceeds Orange, Telefonica and Vodafone -combined) - Tim is still pushing - more leadership drive and innovation. He correctly pointed out the the innovation and drive has come from Asia and North America - with Europe somewhat asleep at the wheel, and this is a challenge for Europe collectively - or in Tim’s words “Dependency is easy, Sovereignty is not. Europe get out of the comfort zone!”

Many great meetings, friends, colleagues and acquaintances, too much food - even though GREAT food - Barcelona is a foodie must! Lot’s follow up and homework from too many meetings to list here. Huge thanks to the #DT Orga team and colleagues from GPD and DT Israel for the help with logistics.

See you all next year

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