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Deutsche Telekom at Cyber Week TLV 2023: Empowering Cybersecurity Innovation

Cyber Week TLV 2023 was a remarkable event that brought together cybersecurity experts, industry leaders, and innovators from around the globe. As a proud participant, Deutsche Telekom had the unique opportunity to engage with professionals from diverse backgrounds, exchange ideas with early-stage and mature startups, and contribute to well-organized events hosted by esteemed organizations such as Team8, Glilot Capital Partners, Merlin Ventures, NightDragon, CISOs Connect™, DTCP, YL Ventures, Greenfield Partners, and more!

The conference proved to be a melting pot of insights and discussions, with the advent of transformative technologies like GenAI taking center stage. At Deutsche Telekom, we were thrilled to participate in stimulating sessions, including cyber wargaming exercises, which shed light on the potential implications of these emerging innovations for both attackers and defenders.

One notable aspect that distinguished Cyber Week TLV 2023 was the evident maturation of regulatory efforts in the cybersecurity space. The adoption of the Cyber Resiliency Act (CRA) in the EU and the ongoing efforts by NIST set a higher bar for products with digital elements. As a leading telecommunications company, we recognized the importance of embedding cybersecurity expertise in all aspects of product development, embracing secure-by-design principles, and investing in advanced tools and testing. This strategic shift presents exciting opportunities for innovative tech solutions while challenging us to meet new cybersecurity standards.

Deutsche Telekom extends its sincere appreciation to all who made this event unforgettable, including Glilot Capital Partners, Team8, DTCP, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd, NightDragon, CISOs Connect™, and countless others. Engaging discussions with thought leaders like Gili Drob-Heistein left us with a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to carry forward.

As the conference concluded, we reflect on our remarkable journey. Within just two years, Deutsche Telekom has earned recognition as a #Cyber #Innovation power in Israel. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and expertise of our exceptional team, including Tamar Shlimak, Sonik Kaila, Svenja Enss-van Gemmern, and our esteemed manager, Alon Segal. We are honored to have been invited as a #TelekomCowboy to share our insights at BSidesTLV.

Cyber Week TLV 2023 provided us with invaluable opportunities to forge meaningful connections, explore cutting-edge innovations, and contribute to the ongoing evolution of cybersecurity. At Deutsche Telekom, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, fostering collaborative partnerships, and safeguarding our digital future. As we venture into the dynamic realm of cyberspace, we take pride in empowering cybersecurity innovation to create a safer, more connected world.

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