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Blackhat 2023 - A recap of one of the leading cybersecurity conferences worldwide

Last week, Alon Segal and Alon Shahak participated in the renowned "Black Hat USA" cybersecurity conference, an annual event held in the United States with a primary focus on information security, hacking, and associated technologies. The conference serves as a prominent forum for industry experts to exchange insights, featuring keynote addresses, workshops, and training sessions that delve into critical subjects such as vulnerability research and defense strategies. Renowned for its high-profile security disclosures, the conference attracts professionals worldwide who seek to remain abreast of evolving industry trends. For GPD, Black Hat provided an unforeseen opportunity for productivity, enabling Alon and Alon to not only accomplish a substantial amount of work but also engage in several productive meetings that fostered stronger connections with colleagues from TMUS. Particularly noteworthy were interactions with individuals such as Mark Clancy, Tim Rains, Chris Wallace, and their teams. For DT Israel, the event showcased the impressive presence of the Israeli cyber ecosystem, underscoring its significance on a global scale. The team would also like to extend congratulations to Tal Kollender from Gytpol for being recognized as the "Entrepreneur of the Year." Equally deserving of acknowledgment are the accomplished Elazari sisters, Keren Elazari and Dr. Amit Elazari, J.S.D., both of whom serve as exemplary women leaders and role models. Both Alons are already looking forward to yet another enriching experience at the conference next year!

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