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Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH

The "AI Penetration Testing" product offers a comprehensive security check of your AI-based applications. In addition to automated testing, T-Sec use their experts for complementary manual security investigations to ensure that no potential vulnerabilities go undetected. T-Sec's specialized solution, Deemster, stands out for its ability to test your chatbot for security vulnerabilities completely autonomously and actively exploit them. This allows them to cover both automated and manual attacks, thus ensuring maximum security.

The data obtained in this way allows them to find, analyze and present in-depth relationships. These insights and analyses are essential to develop a comprehensive understanding of the security posture of your application. With their approach, T-Sec take a close look at your AI-based application and ensure that it is tested for security vulnerabilities both manually and autonomously. In this way, they ensure that your systems are optimally protected and security risks are minimized.

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